Friday, March 31, 2006

Trade Over

Do you have the flair for the share market? Want to play with Big Money?
Ever wished you buy Shares of Microsoft, Google, BMW, Pfizer and Nokia all for a hundred thousand dollars each?
Do you like playing with Tons of Gold, Platinum or Crude Oil? Wondered how it will be to buy Indian Rupees for a million Dollars and sell them when US dollar goes down?
Then its time for your dream to come true. Enter the world where only the fittest survive.


Trade Over is a share market simulator that gives you a Million Dollars to start with. You can buy stocks of all your favorite companies from around the world at current market prices.
The latest prices are updated from the Stock exchanges world wide and you get a taste of the real world market with no real penny at stake. You can short sell products based on speculations and Market sentiments and make money.
You can create your own league and compete with in friends and also against thousands of players globally.

Indulge, Invest, Involve and Increase.