Friday, August 19, 2005

Happy B’day Take it ezzz!

It’s been one year since I started blogging, Thanks to Echo, who was my primary inspiration. I still remember that day last year when ‘echo’ introduced me to this blogging world and forced (I wont mind using that word) me to write something. Having lost the habit of diary-writing, this sudden push to post something almost extempore was quite a task. At last I was successful on this day last year when I completed my first article as and with a ‘Sigh of relief’. From then it’s no looking back.

Although I neither have the time nor patience nor the substance to write much, I make sure I post at least one article a month even if it calls for a battle with thoughts to make sure I don’t get rotten eggs flying from the other side. From travel-logs to sports, from political perceptions to film review and from sports to finally a Story telling, I tried them all. I even fiddled a bit with my native language given to say that I never formally learnt it.

Thanks a lot folks, for patiently reading all that I’ve scribbled here.

New looks:
After hours of battle with templates and divs, I finally settled with this new look to celebrate the Birthday of my blog.

New Blog Release:
I am releasing a new blog site herewith. (CrazyCars flavored with my obvious obsession for “K”)

In this blog-site, I’ll be posting my personal reviews and a fair idea about cars running in India and abroad based on my personal experience in them, initially with a frequency of one a month.

Suggestion, Comments, Questions and Good Jokes appriciated.

Keep reading and encouraging me.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oxford speaks bindaas Hinglish

The fusion of Hindi and English words in random permutation to bring out a sentence using the best of each world that is well-formed in grammar and sense is globally known as HINGLISH. This is common not only with Desis abroad but also with the 350 million strong local urban population of India.
With English being a language of popularity and choice in the Urban and Semi-Urban population, it was matter of time before it fuses with the local languages and have its own local flavor. In fact, Hinglish has become so much a part of us, that we fail realize that we are actually talking something butler-ish.

For Instance “Mai Office Jar raha hun” has become more common than replacing Office with say “Dafhar”.
Again, “Abi TV may kaya programme hai?” sounds far easy that to replace their Hindi equivalents.

The new edition of Oxford Dictionary of English includes several common words of Hindi origin like bindaas, tamasha, mehndi, desi, lehnga and of course, Hinglish. Few words of Indian English like agitation, off-shoring, tom-tom are also making appearances.

With Hinglish makings its presence felt, the other native equivalents will soon join this race. May this infiltration last!
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