Friday, November 12, 2004

Those little moments

Standing at the Paoli train station near Philadelphia waiting to pick my friend traveling from DC, I saw a new maroon Mercedes SLK convertible gently making a turn into the station. The covered car parked right next to our car. Soon the boot opened inwards and the hard top humbly folded inside.

In it I saw a middle aged couple, trying to get to terms with the car’s overwhelming controls. There were two cute black dogs in the back seat, sitting with discipline although un-tied.
Whilst I was ardently drooling at the car, the man from it walked towards me and started “Hi, how r you doin”, before I could react, he continued, “We would be doing something silly now, we planned surprise our daughter who’s comin’ in this train with this brand new Mercedes Convertible”, I replied “Wow! sounds great, all the best”.
He quickly went back to the car, and covered his, his wife’s and one dog’s face with paper bags.

Shortly the train arrived, and as the girl came out to the parking lot, she felt something inane looking at two human heads covered with bags, but the lone dog without a face-cover caught her eyes. And there she stood FLABBERGASTED, at the car. She took a couple of minutes to assimilate that it was all true, it was her parents and that ‘mean machine’ is all hers. They rushed to hug each other tight. The girl was jumping in ecstasy as she went around sharing her joy with everyone around.

After the euphoria diluted, the man came to me, and said, “This is why I work so hard, FOR THESE LITTLE MOMENTS”.


Echo/Lavanya said...

Hey, I wish I were the daughter :)

His little moment of familial affection turned out to be your little moment of reflection. Funny are the ways of the world...

anagha said...

This was truly nice...Very touching indeed