Monday, February 07, 2005

Impulsive Shopping.

“Excuse me Sir, I am from Citibank, we are offering you one year free GOLD credit card, would you …” and immediately a bell rang within. The greed to decorate your wallet with a Gold card closes ears to all thought processes that would have otherwise enlightened you with the consensual reality. I ascertained myself, “Who said credit card provokes spending? I am just going to have it because it’s free for a year, I’ll cancel it the next year”.

First few days go with at-most sincerity and the card solves the only purpose it was got for, “a show piece”. Things soon changed and the ignorant wallet begins housing the card unaware of the slow yet steady increase in the buying power it had.

Spending got a new dimension. “Going out for shopping” soon became “Going out means shopping”. We don’t have any idea of buying anything until we suddenly like something, it’s time we posses it. The best pass time would be going to huge shopping malls, coffee pubs, Pizza outlets and any other place that would require a heavy wallet if not for its tempting substitute.

Things come to terms only when we get the monthly payment statement. It will have a description of all our unwarranted expenses. Plus some uncalled for insurance, and many other non familiar entries adding bill value. We’ll pay the bill with a resolution not to use that “idiot” card any more… it’s like writing in water.

No one encourages our spending power better than him. The bank guy, impressed with our credit history (how would he know the history behind that payment), waives the fee for life time, and we freak out even more.

The story goes like, a Black trouser: 1500 rupees, a Checked shirt: 1400 rupees, a medium size pizza: 250 rupees, a coffee for 2: 100 rupees.

There are some things money can’t buy (thankfully!), for everything else there is Master Card.

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Echo/Lavanya said...

So a trip to Bangalore to visit you can be easily funded eh? :)