Monday, March 21, 2005

Modi's US Visa.

Narendra Modi was denied a visa to visit the US on Human Rights grounds. Is that really justified?

Well, not quite.

I seriously believe this is blown out of proportion. Agreed Godhra was disheartening, and Modi being the CM then holds responsibility for that. But what relationship has it got with his visit to the US? We don’t care if he goes to Gandhi nagar or to Delhi or to his bedroom, why are we suddenly fussing over his interest to visit US? Is US some kinda pilgrimage that only the purest of people can visit??

We are all worried about the killing of Muslims in Godhra, which spanned few weeks and by then Modi is a villain. Has anyone thought or worried about the massacre that is continuing for decades in the Kashmir valley against the Hindu pundits?? There is no news, there is no concern; Why do we have this biased ideology?

US unhappy with the human rights records of Modi - Really funny!! Here is a country that destroyed two huge cities of Japan just to see how good their weapons were, and whose effect is still visible; The racial discrimination practiced in US is a well known recurring history, and now they are talking human rights? How better can an Oxymoron be!

What about Musharraff, Arafat or Bush??
Musharraff threw out a democratically elected government, and was responsible for the Kargil war, and he is US’s best friend.
Arafat lead a coup against the Israelis, making battles, bombs and blood sheds a part of daily life. He too is a Hero!
And Bush, he is the best. He went on a war despite disapproval from the UN. His vested interests took the lives of thousands and rendered millions homeless in Iraq and Afghanistan, he gets invitations and Red-carpet reception from all over the world. What kind of hypocrisy is this?

US has different visa policies for different counties, India is their IT backbone, but for Indians, they still want finger prints, retina scans and would even strip the last cloth out. Who can forget the strip-search conducted on our then Defense Minister George Fernandas while still in power. Why are we calling them gods?

I am no advocate for Modi, but with these many criminals at loose, why target only him?

And, The Big Question: The Embassy of US did consult the Ministry of External affairs before deciding on the rejection. Now, who’s responsible for that decision?

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Siva said...


Well said, when u say Bush, let us not forget he is solely responsible of the Sept. 11 attack on US which led to a big disaster in the greatest economy of the world. Inspite of getting intelligence reports abt the attack, he ignored them. Isn't he responsible for the lives?? Isn't he responsible for the economy crash around the world?? As u said he is still getting the red carpet reception. Countries should come forward and deny visa to that guy.