Monday, April 11, 2005

Eureka! - The theory is now proved.

Saturday April 09, 2005, I was watching the India-Pak third ODI at Mugil’s place. Pakistan has just finished their innings with a whopping total of 319. Since the over-rate was less, the next innings started sooner than usual. It was noon, and hunger struck, but with no patients to prepare lunch, I thought of Maggi as the best alternate. By the time I bought a pack and cut it, Shewag and Sachin were already in the pavilion. Now, here is a strange co-incidence, I am going to prepare Maggi and Ganguly was just in the crease. I began with hopes that the theory equating Maggi’s preparation time to Ganguly’s time at the crease would just be “Blown out of proportion”. I was praying for him to break this jinx. But what do you know, by the time Maggi was done, Ganguly was on his way back!
---- Eureka! Eureka! It’s finally proved.

Hm… How I wished my inadvertent experiment failed.

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