Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Water water everywhere, not a place to move…

This was how Bangalore was paralyzed after a rain that lasted just for 5 hours. Water was logged everywhere and normal life went in for big spin.

On my way to from Chennai to Bangalore, the bus took close to 5 hr and 30 minutes to cover the 350 odd KMs and an extra 2 hrs just to pass a 5 km stretch on Hosur Road.

If this city gets to such shapes with rain, trust me, it would have been out of the world map if it got any close to what Mumbai received.

This city has been crying for basic infrastructure and now it’s evident. It’s sad to see that despite all these, politicians are busy fighting petty power battles with the definite visionaries of this city. I’ve already described the plight of Bangalore in earlier blog (The BIG BANG(ALORE)).

Here are few snaps to know I really meant what I said.
Few snaps are from my friend Kaushik, will the rest are from a forward…

Wipro office - Under water Adventure i guess :)

Call Superman... HURRY!!!

This is no hovercraft.

Hum honge kaamiyab...

Hm, was the wall built on Ambuja cement ??

And for the best (i mean worst)...

Water water everywhere.. not a drop to drink.

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Anonymous said...

I believe BANGlore deserves this for deserting chennai without sparing water.

By the way when did u became a resident of "BANG". your location reads so...thats not good.

- Jai