Friday, December 23, 2005

India wins the Cricket World cup 2005

India beat England in the finals to win the World cup 2005 participated by nine countries .

“Funny! World Cup is in 2007, and morevoer this is end of December 2005 and I didn’t see any World cup happening this year, and that too nine countries, you must be out of your mind.” If this is what you are thinking, continue reading.

Ganguly was dropped from the team and the impact rocked the Parliament. If Sachin injures his left leg little finger, it’ll be on the main page of the Daily new paper and if some one plays for one match, he’ll be the next target for the billion dollar advertising company. Most of all, if the Indian team is going to the world cup next year, the entire country gears up to watch it already. From customized music albums, to constantly recurring motivational advertisements to even offering special poojas at temples, every player is in the spotlight.

But when a team of proud Indians play cricket against teams from eight other countries and win the World Cup, it won’t even get a single line mention in papers leave alone the media only because they are all Deaf?

Visit the Deaf Cricket International Federation.
Read more about the Second World Cup for Deaf.
Read about the Final Match when India beat England to take the cup.

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Anonymous said...

i agree whole heartedly .this cricket craze has become a lil too much to digest.frankly seeing sania mirza too going that way is a lil scary.Not that she should not make money but rather the media raises her so high gosh its gonna hurt if she fails jus once .The higher you ride the wave of publicity the harder will be your fall even if it was jus a routine dent on the road