Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I am Clueless…

I was rather bored of being bored during weekends and decided to beat the lull. How best can one spend the weekend during peak winter if he doesn’t know skiing? Go to pubs? Well if he doesn’t drink? Hm, may be a movie should lighten up the spirits. After careful scrutiny of all the running movies and their reviews, I opted to go for the movie that had the maximum review score. To answer your curiosity it was ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ that had scored 8.9/10.

I and my friend reached the Paramount Theaters well in advance to book our tickets. And, what do you know, the movie runs in an IMAX facility (without 3D and of course for few extra dollars). Having never been to an IMAX before, I was curious to see what all the hype is about. We entered a rather empty theater and took the central location for best view. The movie started.

The screen was massive and I couldn’t fit the whole picture in one view, and watching those spectacular visuals with great precision on the BIG screen was a treat to the eyes. The 3D surround sound surrounded us. The movie went on for two and half hour without intermission and we sat there in comfort.

The movie got over and we were out, just then I realized I hardly remember any scene of the movie. I lacked the feeler one generally has after a movie. That’s when this question came up. What makes a movie deliver the punch? Is it the IMAX clarity, the flawless graphics, emphatic sound, a best selling story or the $15 you pay to watch it? What makes a movie leave an impression that lasts at least a day? How are movies rated then?

All of a sudden, I was clueless…

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