Monday, August 21, 2006

Tryst with Technology

Yesterday my brother had left Chennai on a pilgrimage tour, and couple of 100 kms on his way he tried to contact my mother back home. He kept calling but all his tries to the land line and the mobile were in vein and the only message he got was “Network busy”.
So, called me up and told me that he’d been trying to reach her but couldn’t and wanted me to call her and pass the message. Ok, what’s so great about this? Well I was just 10,000 miles away in Toronto and his call came to me as an uninvited wake up call at 6-ish on a Sunday morning. I called my Mom and the line connected, I passed the message to her and told her to call him.
It may be a desperate move or sheer audacity, but for making the world smaller it’s definitely “Bravo Technology”.

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