Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shame on you Media…

On May 16th 2008, the Breakfast show woke the country with the news of a murder of 14 year old Aarushi from Noida, the day which incidentally was her birthday. The press and TV were on their tows trying to gather every bit of the information they could muster so that the news comes first on their news channels.

The first reaction to the incident was a shock, a shock at gruesome murder of a child who had great dreams of her birthday, a girl whose aspirations were never to be fulfilled. But the second shock was on the irresponsible behavior of the media, especially the TV.

Aarushi Talwar was no more, Hemraj, in-house servant of the Talwars was found dead too, Aarushi’s father Dr Rajesh Talwar became the prime accused. The family was barely coming to terms with these horrifying incidents, by then the media goes on pumping stories relentlessly. From alleging that Rajesh had an extra marital affair with another woman, to hideous claims of Aarushi of having a clandestine relationship with their house servant. Pulling a distressed family to roads and striping them of its dignity is unethical and absolutely uncalled far.

Now, things have gone way too far, every channel is taking turns with her mother Dr Nupur Talwar.
It is really agonizing to see the media repeatedly pocking her wounds by asking her accounts of what happened on the night of the murder, how she reacted on seeing her daughter lie dead, what was her thoughts on her husband’s alleged affair, what relationship she shared with her daughter. As if Nupur has a short memory of the events, the anchors will contantly remind her with statements like “Now that Aarushi is dead….” etc, grow up folks, For god’s sake, she’s the mother.

I appeal to the media to kindly have some consideration, please spare the wounded hearts. Probing into news is your job, but pocking your nose beyond a point makes it ugly. What pleasure do you derive by seeing a terror stuck mother chock in sorrow? There are many ways to improve TRP ratings, please, please, please, have some mercy, please act responsibly.

Strangely, in this episode till now, the media has cared little about Hemraj’s death, why media, was going to Nepal not all that interesting??

Ps: I am not putting any links. The net is already flooding with information.

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