Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Extraordinary People

How does someone who doesn’t have fingers in her toe, well no toes in her legs, actually no legs joining her thigh, in fact with no lower extremity live?

How will it be when you only have the upper half of your body and you have to live with a father who suffers from Alzheimer's and dementia and a brother who is mentally challenged?

Rosemarie (Rose) Siggins was born with a disorder known as
Sacral Agenesis. Meet her here to know more about this Extra-ordinary lady and her fight for the right to live a normal life.

I saw a program on TLC channel about her when she said (something similar to) “I am not handicapped, one who cannot do something is handicapped, I can do them, may be differently”.

My hats are off to respect her.


Anonymous said...

People like Rose are truly inspirational

Anonymous said...

I have that special on my DVR right now, and, quite frankly, I'm concerned. Her parents had her, she was born with a rare genetic disorder, AND THEY DECIDE TO HAVE ANOTHER CHILD? Now, the family is from Colorado, not Alabama, so I don't think the parents are brother and sister, if you know what I mean, but deciding to have another kid after having deformed one and NOT pre-screening the fetus for genetic disorders smacks heavily of the Every Sperm is Sacred crowd.

I would have loved to hear more about the people surrounding Rose. About why her parents decided to have another child, about Rose's husband and his reasoning (he looks like a fairly normal guy in the show, I'm sure he could find himself someone reasonably attractive) and about Rose's doctors - I'm sure one of the main reasons that last obstetrician agreed to take Rose's case was getting to be on TV. It's a no-lose proposition, really. If Rose dies, it's what's expected to happen and he looks good because he tried to let Rose realize her dream. If Rose lives, he looks like a hero.