Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pasitha Pasta

(Pasitha in colloquial Tamil means ‘if you are hungry’)

I have been in a major cooking spree, and I prepared some delicious Pasta for dinner.

Incase case you wonder how I did?
First take adequate quantity of Pasta, add a pinch of salt, three times water and boil till the pasta is really soft. Drain the remaining water and keep it aside.

Take some vegetables like Capsicum, Carrot and Broccolis (or anything you feel fit). Chop them finely and microwave for 2 to 3 minutes to make them soft. If you don’t use microwave, boil them on a vessel for a short while.

Heat a dry pan, add some vegetable oil (or any edible oil you can lay your hands on), add a cup of tomato puree and cook till fresh smell is off, add the half baked vegetables and fry for a short while. Add a cup of milk, let it boil. Add salt and spicing ingredients. Stir continuously. Add the drained pasta and stir/cook for a while. Add butter or fresh cream and take it out of the pan. Garnish with the greens and your pasta is ready.

Additional tip: Spread some grated cheese and microwave it for 2 minutes to have some melting cheese pasta.

Now a treat for all the waiting eyes..


Echo/Lavanya said...

Wow! We are enjoying ourselves in Toronto, aren't we? :)

Anonymous said...

hey kak looks like u got fans back home ,heard ppl tell me u look like hrithik roshan in the blog site pic.hmm something's cookin ........

Sundar said...

Drooling on the pasta ...