Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spend Vs Invest

We’ve read/heard many instances like
“Please spend some time learning something new”
Or “Spend time doing something worthwhile”.
Although Spend seems to convey the message, it could well be undermining the potential of the English language to express the point.

Today, 21st June, incidentally, World Music day, I was listening to
Big92.7FM, where Speed Dheena was doing a program with playback Singer Sujatha. On her final words for the listeners, she was advising young and aspiring singers to “Invest” sometime everyday practicing their music. This statement just took the wind out of me!
How true, commoditizing time makes our work accountable to us. It tells us to wisely use every little time we have and reap its benefits. However subtle the statement may look, it wraps within, millions of words that says how determined one must be.

Ennaku Pull arichidu!

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