Thursday, June 28, 2007

Impulsive Shopping - Part II

The Credit card woes I highlighted in Impulsive Shopping earlier is still haunting us,

“All Cards accepted, minimum bill values 200”

Many at times when I read this, I would think, what is their problem? Why don’t they simply accept cards for lesser amounts? They are loosing out potential revenue. I’ll blame it on poor business strategy and walk away.

And one fine day, I acknowledged that it was indeed a great strategy.
Last Friday, after a long day’s work I was on my way back and felt very hungry. I wasn’t sure what was available at home and didn’t want to risk disappointing my hungry stomach.

I parked my bike outside Trinetra, a big Retail store near my house and went in for some purchase.

As I was wandering the aisles picking junk food, I realized I only had 50 bucks in my wallet, I read the board, “All Cards accepted, minimum bill values 200”, but I’d already picked stuff worth 70 bucks. Keeping them back was never an option, so I went on to buy some stuffs hear and there, some wanted and some not so wanted, and finally the bill came to around 400 bucks.

I happily swiped the card, ignored the 700% increase in bill value and walked away!


Karthik Upadrasta said...
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Janaki said...

Good.. eat nicely !!!!